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Genre: melodrama, comedy, detective story
Type: series
Year: 2020
Status: ready-made
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 4*45 min

Beautiful Elena

Dmytro Resnichkin is the author of popular novels. Million women read and adore him. But they don’t know who is a real author because there is always another face on the top page – Eduard Gromov. In fact Eduard is a publisher but not a creator of this books. Why one man writes novels and the glory is going to another man? Because Eduard is a handsome man, Dmytro – no. Wife of Dmytro pushed him to do cosmetic surgery, she hoped this bring more success to him.

Director:Vera Yakovenko
Director of photography:Vitaly Bredik
Producers:Tatyana Gnedash, Denis Ponomarenko, Daria Oreshkevych, Sergey Ukhin
Scriptwriter:Tatyana Gnedash, Ivan Shishman
Cast:Elizaveta Mayskaya, Yurii Felipenko, Anton Baturev, Konstantin Oktyabrsyi, Aleksandr Davidov, Olga Larina, Slava Krasovskaya, Anatolii Borsyuk and others.