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АRT FORMS PRODUCTION – A full circle international TV production and distribution company with proprietary facilities for pre- & post-production. The company has been operating for over 5 years in the CIS and Baltic markets, and is now opening up to international co-production and other types of collaboration.

The basic values of АRT FORMS PRODUCTION brand include:

  • hight quality content – the company portfolio consists of many hours of TV series (telenovelas, dramas, melodramas, romantic comedies, comedies, dramedies).

  • professional team  – there is a wealth of experience in organizing full circle TV series. The company is specialized in developing unique scripts through its own team of talented writers.

  • international company – specialized in production of highly rated TV series in different genres which are available for the world, for adaptation of foreign formats.

Our sustained growth, the excellent quality of our content and our good reputation on the market drives ART FORMS PRODUCTION to continuously look for new opportunities in the market, and establish strong local market presence as producer of successful women targeted series.

We look forward to working with you!