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Genre: comedy melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2021
Status: completed
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 16*45 min

By the friend you keep…

Marina Mayorova is a wealthy 35-year-old woman, her husband left her for a young mistress. Under the pressure of circumstances, she asks to live with her new friend, whom she barely knows. A friend – 35-year-old barmaid Galya – in turn, at any cost decides to arrange Marina’s personal life. In a quiet, respectable house, grandiose events begin to take place. Marina’s brother, a convinced bachelor and handsome man Nikolai draws attention to Galya, and her 17-year-old daughter Sasha falls in love with Marina’s ex-husband. How will it all end? Everyone will get what they deserve. As a result, Marina, Galya and Sasha will be able to overcome internal problems, the intrigues of their enemies, and find their happiness.

Director:Mila Pogrebiskaya
Director of photography:Markiyan Kaniuka
Producers:Tetiana Gniedash, Ilona Grebeniuk, Daria Oreshkevych, Sergey Ukhin
Scriptwriter:Tatyana Gnedash, Filip Markovich, Elena Pislariy
Cast:Lilia Rebrik, Alexandr Davydov, Olga Zhukovtsova, Sergey Basok, Yulia Buinovskaya, Andrey Fedinchik, Dmitriy Gavrilov, Li Berlinskaya and others.