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Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2017
Status: completed
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 4*45 min

Internal combustion engine

The series reveals the story of the daughter of the plant director, Eugenee, who graduated from the United States, and decided to return home. Her father, who wants only the best for her, does not consider that work at the factory is an attractive place for a girl and by all means tries to find her husband. He dreams of grandchildren, while Eugenee dreams of an engineering career. The main heroine of the series decides to make a desperate step: to settle down at the plant under the guise of a guy, and starts working as the chief designer of the enterprise.

Director:Tetiana Gniedash
Director of photography:Andrey Shkir
Scriptwrite:Ivan Shyshman, Tetiana Gniedash


Elizaveta Kurbanmagomedova,
 Vladimir Zaets, Anatoliy Kotenev,
 Elena Stefanskaya and others.