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Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2019
Status: completed
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 8*45 min

Insert the Viper’s nest

The chief architect of the city and his wife worshiped their daughter Martha. She was destined to have a successful career and harmonious life. But life can take turns and at the age of only 17 beautiful and fragile Martha met the King of criminals – Nicolay Semiryadchenko. He was much older but that didn’t inhibit them from having 2 beautiful years of love and romance. When her father learned about her daughter being pregnant, he banned her from the house. Her parents would never her again.
The disaster strikes when Martha dies at childbirth and Nicolay gets arrested and ends up in prison.
But their eternal love lives on in the form of this small girl Eva…

Director:Vera Yakovenko
Director of photography:Alexandr Shylov
Producer:Tetiana Gniedash
Executive producer:Denis Ponomarenko
Scriptwriter:Tetiana Gniedash, Irina Chernova


Anastasia Rula, Vacheslav Dovzhenko, Dmitriy Gavrilov, Valentin Tomusiak, Vladislav Onischenko, Larisa Rusnak, Svetlana Zelbert, Li Berlinskaya, Elizaveta Tsilyk and others.