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Genre: melodrama, drama
Type: series
Year: 2019
Status: ready-made
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 16*45 min

The choice of Mother

What is the essence of maternity? To give the birth or to have a resolve to give your life for a child any time, even he is not native one? When the teacher finds out her 7-years old brilliant pupil Inna is suffering against her parents at home the teacher Elena has decided to protect the girl. After unsuccessful orders to official institutes Elena understands no one else can not help the child. Elena and Inna escape together and plan to leave the country. But fateful chain of circumstances, police, mother of Inna and her powerful violent father-in-law prevent them to do this.

Director:Mila Pogrebiskaya
Director of photography:Markiyan Kanyuka
Creative Producer:Sasha Tkachenko
Producers:Tatyana Gnedash, Denis Ponomarenko, Daria Oreshkevych, Sergey Ukhin
Scriptwriter:Tatyana Gnedash, Yulia Vasyilieva, Yanina Vilgotskaya, Filip Markovich, Elena Pislariy
Cast:Valerie Hodos, Ewa Shevchenko, Aga Rogovtseva, Artemii Egorov, Olga Radchuk, Anastasia Tsymbalaru, Svetlana Zelbert, Olesya Ostrovskaya and others.