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Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2018
Status: completed
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 8*45 min

By the right of lovе

Nikolay and Peter are friends from their childhood and love the same girl – Anna. the girl married with Peter and Nikolay has to accept this situation. For earning money both friends go to fish trade ship. Peter died after one trip. Nikolay returns home and become support for friends wife and his lovely Anna with her son. In a few years they get marriage. New family lives with piece and happiness. One day the couple see another couple… and they realize the man is died Peter! But he can not recognize them: Peter does not remember anything from his previous life.

Director:Maiya Somova
Director of photography:Roman Nizhnik
Producer:Tetiana Gniedash
Executive producer:Denis Ponomarenko


Tetiana Gniedash, Yaroslava Segal, Elena Pislariy, Anastasiya Leschinskaya, Filip Markovich, Julia Vasilieva


Anastasia Ivanova, Vadim Golovko, Alexandr Rudko, Olga Badchuk, Vladimir Zayats and others.