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Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2017
Status: completed
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 4*45 min

Love recipe

Larisa is head of the advertising department of a large furniture factory. Anton is the director. They have been dating for a year now and they are sure that they love each other. It goes to the wedding. Anton was born and raised in London, his great-grandfather had once fled from the Bolsheviks, settled in England and made a brilliant career there. At first, Larisa does not attach much importance to the fact that her fiance is a descendant of the famous noble family. She knows that her future father-in-law, Sir Edward, lives in London and has sworn himself not to come to the homeland of his ancestors. However, while meeting with Eduard Andreevich on Skype, Larisa suddenly finds out that he attaches great importance to everything connected with the history of their noble family. Larisa, unexpectedly for herself, decides … to embellish a little story about her family in order to make an impression on her future father-in-law. She is sure that Anton’s father will not come to visit them, so she gives vent to her fantasy. Eduard Andreevich is really impressed! So much that suddenly … decides to come to his historic homeland in order to personally meet Larisa’s mother.

Director:Anton Tsyvatnyi
Director of photography:Andrey Shkir
Producer:Sasha Tkachenko
Scriptwriter:Zhdanova Elena,  Gniedash Tetiana


Aliona Yakovleva, Konstantin Daniliuk, Olga Grishyna, Alexandr Popov, Natalia Denisenko, Oksana Stashenko, Ada Rogovtseva and others.