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Genre: comedy, drama
Type: series and feature film
Year: 2020/2019
Status: ready-made
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 4*45 min / 115 min

Terrible headmaster

Feature film and series are about a new headmaster who worked before in a penal colony, and about the pupil of one the most awful school in the region. Story about collaboration and influencing to each other adults and children in a school #5, about the second chance, the 1st love that is true for both – 15th years old and 45-aged person. The most important thing is to be honest, be yourself. Because you can not deceive ourselves.

Director:Mila Porgebiskaya
Director of photography:Markian Kanyuka
Producers:Sasha Tkachenko, Denis Ponomarenko, Sergey Ukhin
Scriptwriter:Tatyana Gnedash, Sasha Tkachenko, Ivan Shishman
Cast:Sergey Frolov, Anna Lebedeva, Taisia Oksana Shchuruk, Vitalyi Slutskyi, Victorya Levchenko, Aleksandr Rudinskyi, Petr Ninevskyi and others.