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Genre: dramedy
Type: series
Year: 2020
Status: ready-made
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 8*45 min

The worst friend

Victoria is talented but pure girl. She dreams about large wealth, much money and to be in top society in the capital of the city, and never more live in penniless, dream to concentrate on creation: chocolate is her passion! She is a genius of chocolate masterpieces making. Aleksander is a powerful representative of world of Victoria’s dreams… Because of simple misunderstanding she thinks Aleksandr is a simple office worker. Using his sympathy she tries to reach her life goals. But once she understand she loves him… and tries to avoid her emotions to love «pure man».

Director:Sergey Storozhev
Director of photography:Markian Kanyuka
Producers:Tatyana Gnedash, Denis Ponomarenko, Daria Oreshkevych, Sergey Ukhin
Scriptwriter:Tatyana Gnedash, Yulia Vasilieva, Yanina Vilgotskaya, Filip Markovich, Elena Pislaryi, Elena Koshil
Cast:Klavdia Drozd Bunina, Andrey Fedichkin, Daria Legeida, Dmytryi Usov, Elena Stefanskaya, Oleg Primogenov, Konstantin Oktyabrskyi, Elizaveta Mayskaya, Anastasya Bunina, Anna Lebedeva, Gregory Baklanov, Oksana Stashenko and others.