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Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2017
Status: completed
Production: ART FORMS
Running time: 4*45 min

Two sons of father

Near the blue sea, in a large resort town, there is an influential and very wealthy family of Boytsovs. Nikolai Boytsov is the head of the family and the owner of a large hotel chain, he raised two sons: Anton and Victor. They are twins. But it has never been so that the two brothers were so different from each other.
Anton – plain, awkward, but very smart and responsible. Victor is handsome and charming, but not very smart and completely irresponsible. Anton is a talented businessman focused on managing the family business. Victor does not like to work and is not interested in business at all, which is very frustrating for his parents and makes his big brother angry.
Anton is not really interested in any kind of reletionship, and he has long given up on his personal life. Victor swims in the female attention and changes the girls, like gloves.
Young Vasilisa is an ugly, fat girl, the daughter of the gardener Boytsov. She has been in love with a handsome Victor since childhood, Victor does not notice her at all. To help Vasilisa get rid of unhappy love, she is immediately sent to study hotel business abroad after graduation. Three years later the transformed Vasilisa returns home: a harmonious, effective and educated girl, in whom it is difficult to know “fatty Vasya”. And now Victor is conquered by her beauty and charm. He is ready to leave his young, loving wife for Vasilisa’s sake. And it does not stop that Vasya returned home not alone, but with a young man in love with her.
In the house of the Boytsovs there are troubling times: the reputation and financial situation of the family are threatened, because Victor is married to the daughter of the most influential banker in the city, who has long and thoroughly financed the business projects of the Boytsovs. Anton is ready to do anything to protect family interests. Frumpy and awkward Anton, without a successful experience with the opposite sex, begins desperately to take care of Vasilisa, in order to upset her relationship with the handsome Victor.

Director:Victoria Kruglaya
Director of photography:Mikhail Liubarskyi
Producer:Sasha Tkachenko
Executive producer:Sergey Kuprin
Scriptwriter:Ivan Shyshman


Oksana Stashenko, Alexandr Getmanskyi, Vitaliy Saliy, Daria Legeida, Vladimir Zaets, Marina Diakonenko and others.